Lalit Agarwal

Crowd-sourcing system for multi-lingual plagiarism detection

A crowdsourcing system to overcome the limitations of machine translation by allowing users to identify plagiarized documents across languages. I was involved in developing the front-end interface of the platform using PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.

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Ad-Filter Firefox Plugin

A modified version of the popular AdBlock Plus plugin which blocks only embarrassing and inappropriate on-line advertisements in contrast to blocking all on-line ads. The tool comes along with a predefined filter list containing links of inappropriate ads specifically matrimony, dating ads. The tool was build as part of a research study at Bell Labs, India.

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Ad-Extractor Tool

A tool to extract and identify the content of advertisements present in a given list of webpages. The tool extracts both image and textual ads present in the webpage. The tool was developed as part of a research study on on-line advertisements to identify and display the ads being shown to the web-users and observe the content of these ads.

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NGO Information Management Suite

A web based information management system for an NGO for cataloguing their work, evaluating the NGO and its employee’s performance and creating social maps of the population and the areas in which the NGO operates. The project was done by a team of 9 members and I was responsible for developing the server side interface which involved coding in PHP, JavaScript, HTML.

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P2P File Transfer System

A client-server system which facilitated file transfer between clients in a network. The project was implemented in C and the concepts of socket programming and shared memory were used.

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